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What to get my boyfriend for his birthday.....?

Okay, my bfs birthday is on the May 3 and he will be 17. He plays football, he%26#039;s on track, and he races motocross. I keep asking him what he wants but all he says is me. I reall do want to get him something. I was thinking about maybe sending flowers and a balloon to his school for him but he doesnt really care for flowers. Sssssoooooo, I dont really know what to get him. Any suggestions??

What to get my boyfriend for his birthday.....?
Yuck, not flowers. Get him a pocket knife/multitool or a Surefire flashlight or something.
Reply:Get him a really nice teddy bear and scent it with your favorite perfume. When he smells it he will think of you.
Reply:Get him what he wants.... YOU......
Reply:Apple Ipod
Reply:Get him cologne.

Then you%26#039;ll be happy with him too.
Reply:well when I was your age.. one of my bf%26#039;s was in football.. well he was more obsessed with it then anything... so i almost anything manly that had his football number on it was always a winner... good luck..
Reply:get him a cat for u both to grow with
Reply:How about a MP3 player (if he doesnt own one) or a hand-held gaming system ( PSP, Nintendo DS..etc..)...or maybe if he needs help geting organized; a Palm Pilot ( the Palm TX is the best!) or a Pocket PC.

If you are interested in buying him apparel; how about a nice tough-sports watch with a personalized note on it ( that will be really nice); or some clothing....
Reply:You don%26#039;t say how old you are or if you are working

But take him to dinner, give him a football membership, or maybe a new helmet for the motocross.
Reply:get him something that goes with him like mabe a mini football or just a cute little bear or something that says i love you just the thoughtful things
Reply:get him a jirzy
Reply:an atv/motorcycle jack
Reply:something to set on fire or explode. im such a pyro :P
Reply:ipod nano 4gb
Reply:Get a nice frame to put a pic of the two of you in.
Reply:My husband loves gift cards to best buy. I always get that when I do not know what to get him. It always works...don%26#039;t get him flowers
Reply:give him something that he%26#039;s interested in and something that you really like to give him.
Reply:Save the money. Give him a hug and a kiss.
Reply:samantha , what the heck did you say ,noNO NO do not get flowers , for a guy , guys want hugs and kisses ,and fondling, some want presents like foot balls, baseballs, but do not embarass them , with balloons ,and stuff like that , men are manly men and don%26#039;t kindly to stuff like that, sorry but ,try something better

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My fiancee's 25th Birthday, What do I get her?

I just proposed to her in December, we%26#039;ve been together 4 years. I%26#039;ve always had thoughtful gifts from the heart and this year, after the ring, plus being back in school (we both are in college again) finances are a bit tight. I%26#039;m putting together a birthday party for her with friends (I asked her what she wanted and she said that%26#039;s what I want). I%26#039;ll be cooking (love to cook for her and people), but I want something special from me to her. Ladies what would you want within reason?

Flowers are cliche and I get her those as a just because not because it%26#039;s Valentine%26#039;s or whatever. I got her a spa package with massage, hair, and nails last year. I just bought her a dress two weeks ago (it looked so cute on her I had to). She loves Audrey Hepburn, dark chocolate, and a good romantic comedy. She%26#039;s very easy to please, but I like to spoil her. Her birthday is May 27. Gotta get going here help!

PS - I thought of getting her a painting or huge framed photo of New England (she%26#039;s from there)

My fiancee%26#039;s 25th Birthday, What do I get her?
charm bracelet. those you add miniatures on (i.e a mini engagement ring to stand for your engagement or heart for luv etc). n then u can add a mini scroll or grad cap on the day of her graduation n then u can continue giving her cute lil icons relevant to special occasions
Reply:wow!!i envy ur fiancee..what thoughtful guy u are and also pamper ur girl a lot..good going..but s u said ur financially tight so u can skip the gift this it is ur throwing bash 4 y not save money 4 ur future but still if u want to give her something u can alwaz give her a bracelet or pair of earings as a token of ur of luck..hv lots of fun
Reply:what about a huge framed photo of the two of you? or a scrapbook of your memories? she%26#039;ll appreciate the thought much moer if she doesn%26#039;t have to wear the financial repurcussions later. try something that means a lot to the two of you as a couple.. a return trip to where you first met, or put a little note or two from you in amongst her study things so that when she is reading for college she gets a nice little surprise along the way. If you really must spend the money buy her something lovely but USEFUL, like an audrey excercise book for school, or better yet an audrey WEDDING PLANNER, perhaps with a date already written in....
Reply:well depends how much dough you want to spend!

if you have a lot of cash

get two tickets to paris and go have dinner at a romantic restaurant and stay at the Ritz

but if you are that of %26quot;middle class%26quot; like most, maybe like a charm bracelet and put important charms on it.

or get a box and fill it with Hershey%26#039;s dark chocolate kisses and attached notes to every one saying something you love about her

make her a mix CD of her favourite songs and get someone to cater at your house a romantic dinner for two

or if you like cooking then cook her her favourite meal

have a picnic on the beach or on the roof of your house or apartment

hope these helped =]

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Its my girlfriends 21st birthday today; how does this idea sound?

Well we have been living together now for 2 years. Last month we found out she is 2 months pregnant with our child and today is her birthday. Quite ironic that it falls on mothers day this year! Anyways I had an idea and hoping to see what anyones opinions were....shes turning 21 (we both know that means NO alcohol)

I brought her flowers and fixed her breakfast this morning to start off. I also gave her 3 baby books I went and picked out.

The BIG idea: I asked her if I could get her promise ring cleaned that I gave to her one year ago for her birthday and she was excited and gave it to me. My plan is to have it cleaned and reboxed and after I take her to dinner tonight I want to take her to the place we first kissed 2 years ago on top of a parking garage downtown (its really beautiful). I want to propose to her tonight while we are up there (we have even talked indepth about wanting mariage and a family) I cant afford a new ring with a baby on the way. Does this sound good?

Its my girlfriends 21st birthday today; how does this idea sound?
I think that%26#039;s really sweet, and it%26#039;s very sensible not to be spending lots of money on a new ring when you have a baby on the way. Proposing at a time and place that are special to you both is better than all the bling you could buy, anyway.

Thoughtful, responsible, and really cute... it%26#039;s pretty much the perfect plan for somebody in your shoes.

Good luck and congratulations to you both!
Reply:Yes, it sounds GREAT !

WOW...a %26#039;TRIPLE%26#039; Whammy!!

Many Congrats are in order!! (Birthday, Baby %26amp; Proposal)
Reply:This is a very lucky lady. No doubt this has happened but I have to say, I love stories about guys who actually make the effort to be romantic with their partners.
Reply:Aw! That%26#039;s so f-ing cute! I bet she%26#039;ll go for it.

Best of luck to the both of you, with everything.
Reply:Sounds Great!!

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40th mother birthday ideas?

ok so my mom is turning 40 sept.15 and she has rules about buying her gift,nothing for the house,no clothes,no jewlery,no perfumes,no flowers,nothing expensive. My family lives in portugal and they can%26#039;t come over or we can%26#039;t go there either we don%26#039;t have the $, my mom doesn%26#039;t have friends either,so it%26#039;s just me,my sister,my grama and my dad.

We already planed to go out for dinner and get her choclates and i booked a massage for her,bought her cake and candles,and a card but we need more help because those are all thing that she does WITH US,so they are not gifts FOR HER,and she realy deserves it,she also mentions alot that since it%26#039;s her 40th birthday it should be special/different from the others,any idea?Oh and she doesn%26#039;t want spa or bath stuff ,she%26#039;s not into electronics or new technolagy,she doesn%26#039;t cook and has no realy hobbie,she doesn%26#039;t like it when we cook her breakfast because she only likes to eat ceral not like bacon and eggs kinda breakfast,i know it%26#039;s hard but plz help!

40th mother birthday ideas?
Make her a scrap book with pictures of some great times you had together, and include a letter about how much she means to you?

Make her a cd from itunes with all her favorite songs?

A framed picture of you and your siblings?
Reply:so tell your mom happy birthday from jacqueline
Reply:i know it sounds kiddish but make her a coupon book with all the stuff to do like clean your room

2.take out the trash

I put expiration dates on mine but hey u dnt have too
Reply:If it were me, I%26#039;d want you to ask me what would make me happy on my 40th birthday.


New girlfriends birthday?


I’ve just started seeing a girl and her birthday is this weekend for which she is spending with me. As it’s a fairly new relationship and we don’t know each other inside out, I am just after a few ideas to make it a special day without going overboard. I have asked her best friend who said flowers chocolates and champagne. We’ve got the evening sorted I’m just wanting some tips on how to make this day special.


New girlfriends birthday?
I know this may sound a little childish, but as you have the evening sorted I would suggest you take here to the zoo. Everyone loves animals, it is a chance to get to know eachother and you will have plenty of distractions to fill any awkward silences and even better you can talk about your zoo visit during the evening. I bet she has never been taken to the zoo for a special date!
Reply:Keep in mind that all those things are consumable :)

So make it memorable.

Like how old is she turning?

One flower for each year, see if you can make it a different one for each year. Just to let her know you don%26#039;t think she%26#039;s just a %26quot;roses%26quot; girl.

Her best friend said chocolates so find out if she%26#039;s into basics or rich and then give her a combination plate.

Make the champagne toast to her. Actually make a small speech to her appreciating the fact that she is in your life and your paths have crossed.

You will definitely have her interest.
Reply:as you long as you just spend the evening treating her

like a princess you cant go wrong!!
Reply:like her friend said

flowers...a rose maybe

go for dinner juz the 2 of u

go to one of those restaurants that serve wine and stuff

give her a lasting impression


Mom's Birthday Idea and Feedback!?

Ok well my mother%26#039;s turning 42 in about three weeks and I am unsure of what to buy her. Clothes are out of the question and as far as handbags and accessories, she already buys her own and I have already given her some stuff. She buys from designers such as Gucci, Prada, Coach, Fendi,etc. I already have flowers on the list but dont know what else. My father will probably take her to dinner. She mentioned she wanted a spa day and I will probably do that as well but what else would be thoughtful? Also I have started to plan her 50th Birthday Party which is in about 8 years but I already have close to 10k saved and I am planning to have it in a very nice hotel ballroom here in town and have guests fly in from all over the U.S. and it to be a complete surprise! The budget for the party will probably be 50k+ but I do still have time to plan this. I am 18 at the moment so i still have time and my brother and dad will help in when the date gets closer. Is this a good idea?

Mom%26#039;s Birthday Idea and Feedback!?
It already sounds to me that your family is made up material things.................

Our family is made out of giving, and helping each other where we can including our environment which means reusing and recycling things.

Not even a wedding has come over half of what you have saved.

We have a good time without the expense, with many friends and relatives.

Use a pavilion throw the party outdoors, dress casual and have a great time find a place where you can pitch tents for the weekend and kick back and enjoy visiting all these people whom you%26#039;ve invited. I think the TIME SPENT is more valuable than fancy designer items.
Reply:that%26#039;s so sweet! can i come? just kidding ( jk ) oh by the way get her some roses.!.!.!.!.!.!.!


you should write her a song.
Reply:hate to tell ya but most of the people here don%26#039;t spend that kind of money on parties... any kind of parties.

sorry, your on your own with this one
Reply:Take her to an afternoon ballet or play for her 42nd birthday.

Have coffee afterwards.


Invite her friends over for an afternoon birthday get together

with lunch and silly games and prizes.

The 50th bd party sounds great.
Reply:You are 18 and already have 10k saved? You could have this PARTY for much less than this. As a mom, the amount of money you spend isnt what is important. Its great you love your mom, why not cruise or a trip? Moms need and deserve vacations. For that amount of money send her on her dream vacation. (The one she would never spend on herself)

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My mums birthday...?

hi, its my mums birthday in november and i dont no what to get her, i no it seems a little earlie but i gotta start saving now! and i want to no what im saving for! lol. i always get her flowers chocs , we all go out for dinner and she gets her cake!lol shes really hard to buy for! really fussy! so im looking for something that wont fail to please! lol shel be 37. thanks for your answers! x

My mums birthday...?
My mum is fussy too!

One year i bought her a voucher to spend in a local beauty therapy parlour. So then she could choose the treatments herself.

Money is tight for me so i saved up each month, think she had about £100 in vouchers in the end. She really enjoyed it, she had %26#039;me time%26#039; away from the house etc.

The amount you manage to save wont matter it is the thought that counts hun.

Reply:How about taking her to the movies, or get her tickets to a show, theatre , do a lovely collage of photos of the family put it in a nice photo frame, { Wilkinsons do some lovely cheap ones }, that would be something she could keep forever, it would bring back good memories too.
Reply:How about a day%26#039;s pampering at a health spa? I%26#039;ve had that as a present with a therapy thrown in for good measure and it was wonderful. Very relaxing and something I wouldn%26#039;t have bought for myself as it%26#039;s extremely self-indulgent. I think you can buy vouchers from these places so that she can make up her own mind when she wants to visit and use the vouchers for whatever treatment she wants like massage, facial, seaweed bath etc. The Spa usually has facilities like a pool/steamroom/sauna etc which she can use while she%26#039;s there. It was a great day out and a lovely gift.
Reply:How about some nice jewellery? earrings or a necklace. that way she will be able to wear it and think of you long after chocolates or flowers would have gone.
Reply:how about a book or cd. when adverts come on tv try getting an idea from her if its something she would like ie dvd, say %26quot;that looks good%26quot; if u start now then she wont be suspicious.
Reply:Jewlerry, Taking out, Flowers, Ordiments, Purse

Something maybe that she can keep forever

Maybe candles?

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